Child Related Issues

Children are the most important part of a parent’s life. Unfortunately there are times when parents do not see eye to eye on what is in a child’s best interests. Kari Molnar is a Las Vegas family law attorney practicing exclusively in the area of domestic relations law. Kari and the Molnar Family Law Firm understand the importance of the parent child relationship and are ready to assist you.

Las Vegas child custody and relocation attorney

Our Las Vegas family law firm handles numerous child related matters. Attorney Kari Molnar has been practicing family law since 2005 and has the experience to know how the Court will view your case and what you need to do to build a case to protect both the interests of you and your child. We deal with a wide range of child related issues including:

We recognize that no area of law causes more stress than those involving children. If you are involved in a child related case then contact our office online or by telephone at 702.966.8315.

Efffective representation in Nevada cases involving children

Our office works quickly to ensure that your child related case is handled properly. We typically have your initial documents filed with the Court within 24-48 hours. We recognize that cases such as this should not wait longer than necessary for the legal wheels to start turning. Furthermore, Kari handles all mattes in the office personally so you can rest easy knowing that your parental rights are being watched after by your attorney rather than a staff member.

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