GavelThis is the next post in a series of articles discussing private mediation as an option for settling child custody disputes. My previous post provided an overview of the mediation process. Parents who are willing to compromise with the help of a third party should consider this approach when negotiating a custody arrangement. For many, private mediation is a mutually beneficial alternative to the traditional litigation process. In this post, I will discuss the benefits of private mediation in child custody cases. If you need assistance, contact my office today to speak to a Las Vegas family lawyer and trained mediator.

Child custody battles are among the most contentious cases in family court. For obvious reasons, custody matters can create emotional distress for the parents and very often for the children as well. Whether or not a custody dispute is part of a divorce settlement or an issue for already separated parents, hashing out the details of a custody arrangement through the process of litigation can take months. Attorney fees and court costs can create an added financial burden as the litigation drags out. If the parties are ultimately unable to reach an agreed upon custody settlement, a judge will review the information presented during the case and impose their decision on your family.

For parents who wish to reduce the financial and emotional strain of litigation, mediation may be an attractive alternative way to resolve their dispute. It is important to understand that mediation may not be right for everyone. Parents must be willing and able to discuss their situation with the help of a neutral third party. If either parent refuses to compromise, mediation will not be beneficial. For those willing to do so, however, mediation can save you from lengthy litigation, the back and forth of motions, months of discovery, not to mention the emotional toll the process takes on each parent. The agreement you reach will be your own as opposed to one determined by the court system. Furthermore, resolving the issue quickly and as amicably as possible may reduce stress on the family’s children.

If you are considering taking legal action in connection with a child custody matter, I strongly urge you to consider private mediation as an alternative to litigation. I am an experienced family mediator and have helped many Las Vegas residents successfully resolve their disputes. Contact my office today to speak to an attorney and private mediator.