Man harassing womanThis is the third post in my series on “How To File a TPO in Nevada.” My last post discussed how Clark County Protective Orders can apply to children during a child custody dispute. This article will discuss what you should expect when you attend the Court hearing for your TPO. These types of cases involve your safety and it is imperative that you present your case correctly. If you are facing such a matter in Las Vegas, Nevada then you should contact a Las Vegas attorney immediately.

Las Vegas, Nevada Courts can exercise several options when deciding your Temporary Protective Order

Clark County Courts will act quickly when you file your Application for a Temporary Protective Order. Within a few days the Court will reach one of three decisions. First, the Court may grant the request for a period of 30 days. If the Court grants the request then a hearing will be held within a few weeks to see if the Order should remain in place for more than 30 days or if it should be dissolved. Second, the Court may rule that an Order of Protection will not be granted at that time but that a hearing will soon be held to determine if one should be issued. Finally, the Court may rule that your Application is denied without a hearing. Again, any of these decisions will be made quickly.

Any hearing regarding your Application for a Protective Order will be heard at the Clark County Court House at 601 N. Pecos Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada. The person hearing your case is referred to as the TPO Commissioner. The hearing will typically take less than an hour and is typically decided through the arguments of the two sides. The Commissioner will typically not call witnesses or hear other sworn testimony. Given that these matters proceed quickly, it is important that you have provided the Commissioner with all of the information you wish to have considered well before the hearing. I further discuss what one can expect, at the hearing, in this video:

Contact a Las Vegas attorney immediately if you are involved in a Clark County TPO case

If you are a Las Vegas resident involved in a TPO case then it is imperative that you contact an attorney immediately. These cases are often boiled down to relatively short oral arguments and having someone who, first, understands the procedures involved, and, second, is experienced in handling Protective Order cases will go a long way in making sure you make the best possible presentation before the Commissioner. Hiring an attorney, even one who is providing unbundled legal services, will go a long ways towards ensuring that your case goes in the desired direction.