Annulment with gavelThis is the first post in a series discussing annulments of marriage in Las Vegas, Nevada. An annulment is a legal procedure with the effect of voiding a marriage. Not surprisingly, my office fields numerous calls seeking information about annulments. Given the limited circumstances in which annulments may be granted, however, most couples who wish to terminate their marriage are not eligible for the process. The goal of this series is to explain the differences between divorces and annulments and to explain which approach may be appropriate in certain situations. A knowledgeable divorce attorney can help you understand your legal rights. If you are considering ending your marriage, contact my office today to speak with a lawyer.

We will discuss several topics in this series, including:

  • The differences between annulments and divorces
  • Filing for annulment when a spouse cannot be located
  • The limited grounds on which annulments may be granted
  • When it may be appropriate to file for a divorce instead of an annulment

It is important to understand these points for a variety of reasons. First, the legal implications of an annulment vs. a divorce are very different. In the eyes of the law, a marriage that is annulled is considered not to have occurred in the first place. This may have a significant impact on the spouses’ respective rights. Second, if one spouse cannot be located there are certain procedures that must be followed to terminate the marriage. A knowledgeable attorney can help ensure that the legal requirements are handled correctly. Third, annulments may be granted only in limited circumstances. Many couples are not eligible to seek an annulment because they cannot demonstrate that the marriage was the result of fraud or lack of capacity. Finally, despite the benefits of obtaining an annulment in some situations, it may be more appropriate or advantageous in some circumstances to seek a divorce. A Las Vegas attorney can assist you in understanding the differences between the two and how each may impact your rights.

The decision to end a marriage can be stressful. Knowing your options and how they may impact your legal rights is an important first step in the process. My office represents clients in annulments and divorces and is dedicated to providing compassionate and thoughtful advice throughout each case. If you are considering terminating your marriage, contact my office today to speak with a Las Vegas lawyer.