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Our office has handled matters in all areas of family law. Las Vegas divorce and child custody lawyer Kari Molnar has been practicing family law since 2005 and has conducted numerous trials. She provides the insight and understanding of the process that you will not receive from a lesser experienced lawyer. This experience means that Kari will understand which issues are important in your case and is able to go through all aspects of your situation with the competence needed to make sure nothing gets missed. She also knows from experience how stressful family law cases can be and this is why she stays in regular contact with her clients to keep them informed of the process.

Experienced Las Vegas family law attorneys

Kari has wide ranging experience in Nevada family law. Her areas of practice include:

When you hire Kari you are getting a lawyer who handles all matters in the office personally. She does not believe that you should meet with a Las Vegas firm’s managing lawyer only to be passed off to an associate or staff member. As Kari is involved in all aspects of your matter she will always be up to speed as to where your case is and will always know what the next step of the process is. The first step is to contact us online or by telephone at 702.966.8315.

Effective family law lawyer for Las Vegas residents

Attorney Kari Molnar understands the importance of your matter. We will typically have your initial documents filed with the Court within 24-48 hours regardless of whether your case involves divorce, property division, or spousal support. We will move quickly from that point and will take the necessary steps to build your case so that you can go to Court and receive what is due to you. This case is the most important thing in your life at the current time and we will treat it as such. By making each and every client a priority, we provide effective representation in family law matters for residents of Las Vegas

We will work to resolve your matter quickly as well as efficiently. Kari will work to resolve your matter at the earliest possible time with an outcome that is best for you. There is no need to drag your matter on longer than necessary and the Molnar Family Law Firm’s belief is that the sooner your case favorably resolves then the sooner you can focus on the most important thing – your family.

Contact our office online or at 702.966.8315 to schedule your initial consultation.